Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Powder Coating and Electrical Assembly


Krage Manufacturing’s team of dedicated professionals is committed to meeting and 138875029113878859811387822198Measurement Equipmentexceeding the expectations of our customers. We will strive to exceed requirements by understanding your needs and utilizing appropriate techniques to achieve exceptional results. We are an organization focused on continuous improvement of processes and producing defect-free parts and assemblies.

Krage Mfg. has a quality system that mirrors ISO 9002 requirements. We employ quality steps throughout the flow of products from order acceptance through delivery of the finished good.

Our experienced, dedicated team checks their work at each step of the process. We use a different set of eyes on critical features and utilize process checklists to insure quality at each step. Machine procedures are posted and preventative maintenance is planned to improve the repeatability and reliability of the equipment. We employ error-free fixturing whenever possible to assist the day to day repeatability of those operations. Through all these process checks and the hard work of our production team we strive for 100% on-time deliveries. Krage Mfg. is confident you will be impressed with our capabilities!