Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication, Powder Coating and Electrical Assembly

Powder Coating, Painting & Media Blasting

Krage Mfg. has a complete powder coating and painting operation. Skilled coaters operate Nordson powder guns in multiple booths. A three stage phosphate pretreatment system insures excellent coating adhesion and corrosion protection. Salt spray tests exceed 1,01337907157Painting00 hours for several powder applications. Multiple ovens are employed with capacities of 10’H x 10’W x 16′ or more in length. Liquid painting operations use the same pretreatment method as powder coating. A conveyor system provides an efficient part flow from pretreatment through paint and into part drying.

Media blasting is used for previously coated parts or to remove mill scale. The blast booth can handle large frames up to 16′ long. Longer parts can be handled as well. All blasted parts are pretreated with the 3 stage phosphate system to again insure maximum coating adhesion and corrosion protection.